Pressure balloons

Since 1977 we have been leaders in the design, production, and creation of air pressure covers, and inflatable balloons for sports facilities.

Simply supported by air overpressure, they do not require a supporting structure, Carabelli Pressure Balloons are the most effective and economical solution for the creation of temporary indoor spaces, thanks to the containment of construction and installation costs compared to the building of a classic fixed structure.
Ideal for medium and/or large areas, they can be disassembled and reinstalled in a few hours.


The cheapest sports cover is represented by single membrane pressure balloons.
A simple free-standing cover made up of a single sheet supported by air overpressure.


The air-supported structures can be made with Double Membrane “Balloons”.
The double sheet allows better thermal efficiency, reducing management costs.

The space between the two coupled and overlapping sheets can be filled with cold or hot air, reducing the consumption of air conditioning.

The high energy-saving anti-condensation sheet