Geodesic Domes

Since 1977 we have been leaders in the design, production, and building of Geodesic Domes, for sports and industrial facilities, fairs, and events.

Geodesic Domes are available in any diameter. As producers, we can build a structure that meets any need.

It is possible to customize the covering of the spherical dome with a white, colored, transparent sheet, with a combined effect, or with a “blackout” effect ideal for projections. Furthermore, it is possible to brand the sheet with logos.

There are many advantages, in fact, thanks to the great strength it is possible to cover large areas without the use of intermediate pillars; and thanks to the particular resistance it can support heavy loads such as rain, snow, and strong wind.

All our Domes are certified according to the law.

The Domes are used as event spaces, exhibitions and shows, community projects, research facilities, tourist offices, swimming pools, wellness centers, school spaces, creative spaces, greenhouses, Garden igloos, nightclubs, and bars.

Geodesic Domes

Geodesic Domes for

Cupola geodetica in Bambù

Sistemi Carabelli ha ideato per i privati una cupola realizzata in Bambù di alta qualità e resistente da montare nel vostro giardino in modo da essere  utilizzata in tutte le stagioni, e dare una svolta alla vostra vita outdoor.

Utile come gazebo, pagoda, serra per orto o serra da giardino, area gioco per i bimbi, copertura di vasche idromassaggio…