Geodesic structures

Since 1977 we have been leaders in the design, production, and construction of geodesic structures, for sports or industrial facilities.

Geodesic Structures are the best covers for sports areas of any type and size; in fact, they can cover large areas without intermediate pillars.
Geodesic Covers represent a valid solution for using sports facilities throughout the year, such as tennis courts, basketball courts, volleyball courts, riding stables, bowling lanes, gyms, swimming pools, etc.
The same covers can be used, with excellent results, in the industrial field.

Our covers are easily and completely mountable and removable.
During the assembly/disassembly phase, mobile support structures and lifting systems are not required, considerably reducing costs and building time.
Thanks to the patented Carabelli system there are no welds, everything is fixed by bolts.
The roof covering can be made with infinite combinations of materials and finishes, rigid in a metallic material, insulated panels, polycarbonates, or flexible solutions such as polyester-PVC fabric.
Geodesic covers can be made in single and double membrane, to allow better thermal insulation and anti-condensation inside the sports facility.
In case the structure was already installed, we deal with replacement parts or replacement of the roof covering.


Creation of geodesic roofs ideal for sports fields