Replacement cover sheet

Are you thinking about making a sheet change?

Very very often we receive requests for the replacement of PVC sheets on pre-existing structures.
PVC covers are products characterized by an excellent level of strength and resistance, able to guarantee excellent performance to users, and can be designed in various sizes, shapes, colors …
Today, thanks to the new regulatory developments in energy-saving and efficient materials, we offer the possibility of replacing the single-sheet cover with our high energy-saving and anti-condensation sheet system, which significantly reduces the thermal transmittance of the roof covering.

Passing from thermal transmittance coefficients 2k” of approximately 8 W/(M2K) to “k” of 1.15 W/( m2K) or even lower, in this way considerable energy savings are guaranteed.

Structural Verification

Is your facility compliant with the law?

With the new regulations, we specialized in structural safety, cooperating closely with the technical office of structural engineering to devise types of intervention for consolidating the metal structure while reducing intervention costs.
Static upgrading is often appropriate because the reference regulations and project actions (“load”) have changed over the years, and often the existing geodesic structures are not compliant with the new regulations; We recalculate the structure by sophisticated structural calculation codes, to ensure compliance with new regulations through interventions of limited scope and low costs.

Ordinary maintenance

Does your structure or cover need maintenance?

The maintenance and assistance service will be provided by trained staff and ready to act on weather damage, vandalism, or wear and tear.
Carabelli Structures last a very long time but need to be regularly checked, for this reason, we offer a five-year maintenance service with the possibility of renewal.
During routine maintenance, small activities will be performed that do not require the supply of specific replacement parts to reduce future interventions.