Who we are?

Sistemi Carabelli offers covers for sports facilities, indoor riding stables, swimming pools, multipurpose and school gymnasiums, multifunctional buildings, exhibition halls, and industrial plants in particular hangars, stores, nautical shelters, or recreational spaces such as – the hall for entertainment.

The company of Sistemi Carabelli group operates on a wide range, providing not only entire structures but also parts of them or a simple adaptation of an existing structure.

The design commitment to the structures is divided into two separate or complementary phases: the total static study and the technological feasibility study.


– Dal 1977 qualità ed innovazione: la geodetica in Italia –

Why choose us?

Since 1977 leader in the roofing sector

Since 1977 we have been leaders in the roofing sector in Italy and abroad with over 6000 creations

We operate in national and international territories through a network of agents and partners.

In over 40 years of activity, we design every structure with the same enthusiasm, we are not afraid of challenges, instead, we like to get involved and achieve ambitious goals. The interests of our customers are an essential value for us.

Professional team

Always in step with the times

We have a highly specialized staff that manufactures geodesic structures and all the mechanical and carpentry parts. The production division uses innovative equipment developed to achieve high standards of speed and accuracy, essential standards in the production of geodesic structures.

The high specialization of the group’s production division allows the creation of the exclusive Sistemi Carabelli product.