Sistemi Carabelli designs and builds hangars for the shelter of aircraft and helicopters of different sizes.

The greatest obstacle found over the years is the creation of openings to allow the transit of vehicles which size constrains the design of the structure.

Having to create structures with important lights without intermediate supports, the choice fell on reticular structures and geodesic structures. These structures allow the building of large covers but with wide openings essential to meet the needs of users in the sector of reference: aviation.

Pergolas & Pagodas

The Sistemi Carabelli pergolas are made of wood and laminated wood and it is the ideal solution for outdoor covering areas for private and commercial use, or to cover areas for sports use.

In particular, can be built for private use, porches, covers of outdoor recreation areas, and terrace covers. For commercial use, pergolas and pagodas are the ideal solutions for creating covered outdoor areas for bars, restaurants, and pizzerias, expanding the usable space in winter and not ideal weather conditions.


Closing handle for side sliding doors, made with laser cutting.